Kangaroo vints K12500 Extreme 12V


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Rohkem infot

Tõmbejõud: 5670kg

Mootor: 6HP

Ülekande suhe 262:1

Pinge 12V

Relee: 500V

Tross: 9,5 mm x 28 m 

Mõõdud: 574mm × 170mm × 198mm 

Kaal: 42kg

Tõmbekiirus: 0 kg – 7.8 m./min., 5670 kg – 1.8 m./min.

Veekindlus: IP68

Komplektis: Vints, rullikud, juhtmega ja juhtmevaba pult, relee ja konks

Kangaroowinch K12500 Extreme

The K12500 Extreme electric winch is the latest product from the Kangaroowinch brand, created for the most demanding users. Our constructors have created a product that sets a new quality on the market of professional winches for extreme use. Excellent seals - IP68, reinforced brake and gear, corrugated motor and reduced power consumption are just some of the features that distinguish the Extreme model.

Winch also presents unprecedented in Kangaroowinch design products - a very solid box with relays was mounted above the engine, stainless steel elements were added and the tightening rods were changed. They are now corrosion resistant and provide increased rigidity to the structure. A powerful 6 HP engine now needs only 280 Amps to work at full speed.

In addition, K12500 Extreme offers what all Kangarowinch products: high work culture, safety, and most importantly - maximum reliability.

Kangaroowinch K12500 Extreme is recommended for professional, heavy use in off-road, roadside assistance, uniformed services and wherever the highest quality and performance is desired!

As standard, the set with the winch includes:

  • steel rope with a hook
  • roller fairlead,
  • wireless control
  • mounting screws
  • connecting cables
  • user manual
  • 2-year warranty

Rated line pull: 5670 kg 
Motor: 6 HP 
Gear ratio: 262:1 
Voltage: 12V 
Solenoid: 500A 
Rope: Wire 9,5 mm x 28 m 
Dimensions: 574mm × 170mm × 198mm 
Drum dimensions: 63 x 224 mm 
Weight: 42 kgs 
Current draw: 65 – 290 A 
Line speed: 0 kg – 7.8 m./min., 5670 kg – 1.8 m./min.