Kangaroo vints K3000 12V Vaata suuremalt

Kangaroo vints K3000 12V


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Tarneaeg: 7 tööpäeva

134,90 € .

Kuumakse al. 8.44€

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Rohkem infot

Tõmbejõud: 1361kg

Mootor: 3HP

Ülekanne: 1-planetaar

Ülekande suhe 152:1

Pinge 12V

Relee: 250V

Tross: 4,8mm x 13m

Mõõdud: 338 x 123 x 118 mm

Auguvalem: 124 x 76  mm

Kaal: 8,45kg + 1.1kg alusplaat

Komplektis: Vints, alusplaat, rullikud, juhtmega ja juhtmevaba pult, relee ja konks

Kangaroowinch K3000 is great compromise between ATV and truck winches.

Providing efficient pulling power whenever and wherever you need it, the K3000 winch features a high efficiency, low amp draw sealed permanent magnetic motor. This combined with the unit’s solenoid, which disconnects your winch’s electrical system from the battery when your vehicle is turned off, as well as circuit breaker protection ensures that users will always have all the power that they need without taking a toll on their ATV’s battery.

It was destined to raise the bar for the economic winch marketplace! Created from everything we have already learned over the past 13 years, the Kangaroowinch brings unmatched quality and value.

Recommended use: quads, ATV, UTV.

Why Kangaroowinch?

  • 3hp Motor
  • Ergonomic Free-Spooling clutch
  • Comfortable Hand Control
  • Roller Fairlead
  • Powers load in/out
  • Auto load holding brake
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Housing and Frame Components for Maximum Strength

1 Rated line pull 1361 kg
2 Motor 3 HP
3 Gearing 1-st. planetary
4 Gear ratio 153:1
5 Voltage 12V
6 Solenoid 250A
7 Brake Automatic in the drum
8 Rope Wire 4,8 mm x 13 m
9 Fairlead Roller
10 Dimensions 338 x 123 x 118 mm
11 Drum dimensions 38 x 74  mm
12 Mounting bolt pattern 124 x 76  mm
13 Weight 8.45kg + 1.1kg mounting plate